Fishing for Faith


November 2022 Meeting:


  • We watched a video by Father Mike Schmitz called “Giving Thanks is Necessary”. 
  • Fr. Mike says giving thanks is not only good and polite. It’s not just a thoughtful gesture. Giving thanks is necessary.  We begin Mass by saying “It is right and just” to give God thanks. Not only that, the priest continues by saying:  “It is our duty and salvation always and everywhere to give you thanks.” Our duty and our salvation.  We proclaim this every week, and giving thanks is a huge part of the Mass (the very word Eucharist means to give thanks). But do we mean it?  Do we give proper thanks to God for the miraculous gifts he has given us to enjoy every day? Our health, sight, hearing, even simply having someone who cares about you, all of these things are blessings we should thank God for because there are many who do not enjoy them.  Take this spirit of gratitude beyond the day of Thanksgiving and give thanks to God every day. As Catholics, it is our duty, and our salvation. 
  • You can find the video we watched here:  Giving Thanks is Necessary - Fr. Mike VIDEO on Ascension Media
  • You can find the youtube page for Fr. Mike Scmitz and all Ascension Press here:
  • In small groups we discussed a few bible verses and their meeting and shared our thoughts with the larger group.
  • Everyone took home a printed copy of a Psalm of Contentment as a physical reminder to keep visible; showing the ways to express thankfulness as we approach Thanksgiving.
  • Please join us for our next meeting on Thursday December 1 @ 6:30 in the DeSales Room. 

October 2022 Meeting:


  • We discussed our Prayer Intention Fish Bowl we will have at every meeting.  Everyone is welcome to put a prayer intention in the bowl and take one out at the end of the meeting.  Take it home and pray for the intention throughout the month; Prayer is powerful!
  • We watched Bishop Robert Barron’s Sunday Sermon and discussed the video as a group.  Bishop Barron is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and bishop of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester in Minnesota.  The Sunday Sermon is published each week and relates to the Gospel or readings for Sunday mass.  Listening during the week before or after mass helps to give insight into the readings at mass and brings more insight to the Gospel and readings.  Find the full list of Sunday Sermons here:
  • Before and after our meeting we enjoyed music played from our “St. Francis de Sales Fishing for Faith” Spotify playlist created by members of our parish.  Search "SFdS Fishing for Faith" in the Spotify app or web site to listen to the music at home.
  • Please join us for our next meeting on Thursday November 3 @ 6:30 in the DeSales Room.  Our topic for this meeting will be thanksgiving and thankfulness.